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Welcome to Naturecure Academy's
Online Live Blood Analysis Training

The Most Up-to-Date, Flexible Training on the Market 

Launched in 2019, this course includes the very latest science and best practises, whilst being based on the experience of teaching LDBA students for almost 10 years. 

This web-based version of the Naturecure Academy course will take you from beginner to certified blood analyst, or is ideal for existing practitioners who want to update their training. 

Training suitable for students from around the world, including United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland.

Course Format 

The course follows a modular format made up of pre-reading documents, video theory lectures, and practical video demonstrationsStart whenever you like, work at your own pace, and repeat sections if needed.

There are also lots of practise exercises designed to gradually build your confidence in the various techniques required for Live & Dry Blood Analysis. 

Finally, to gain your Certificate of Competence in Live & Dry Blood Analysis, you are required to submit three practise-client case studies. These allow you to gain real-world experience of the entire consultation process and to enable you to demonstrate to us that you have a sufficient understanding of the theory and skills required. 

Why train with Naturecure Academy?  

Naturecure Academy have trained students from all round the world, and are the home of Live Blood Cell Blood Analysis training in the UK. 

Our tutors have been practicing LDBA and teaching it to students for many years, so have a wealth of knowledge and experience you can benefit from.

Accredited by the Complementary Medical Association 

Buying a Microscope  

As well as offering excellent training we can also help you to source a high-quality microscope suitable for Live Blood Analysis at a very competitive price, with our exclusive arrangement with Brunel Microscopes.

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until December 20th 2019!)

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Shirah Mustardé BA Hons DipNN, Course Director


  • The history and science behind Live & Dry Blood Analysis. 

  • The haematological definitions of blood constituents. 

  • The underlying causes of illness and how they manifest in the blood picture. 

  • How to understand and apply the principles of Prof. Enderlein and pleomorphism. 

  • pH and the role it plays in health. 

  • Morphological changes related to nutrition and pathophysiology. 


  • Use and care for your microscope. 

  • Take blood samples quickly and efficiently to minimise your clients' discomfort. 

  • Recognise the constituents of live blood as seen under the darkfield microscope. 

  • Analyse a dry blood sample using brightfield microscopy. 

  • Do an evaluation of live and dry blood samples in a clinical setting. 

  • Gather information from your clients and use it, together with your blood analysis, to inform your treatment protocols. 

Below is an excerpt of a video demonstration: 

Ongoing Support 

Supporting our students both during and after the course is very important to us at Naturecure Academy. We are proud of the community of new analysts that we are helping to build and very much hope that you will remain part of that community after your training is complete. To support students we offer the following: 

  • Email support - we are available to answer any questions that you have, about any of the theory or techniques covered in the training, or any other issues that arise as you become a professional analyst.  

  • Facebook Group - we host a private Facebook Group called  Learning Live Blood Analysis which is a place for new and past students to connect with our tutors, other students and seasoned LDBA practitioners happy to swap advice and answer questions. This community is very welcoming of new students and there is no such thing as a stupid question! 

  • 1-to-1 Training - we also offer more focused additional training which can be undertaken in person for students in the UK, or remotely via SKYPE. (not included in course fee)

Course Details  

Until December 20th the course costs £495 (normally £695) per student and includes:

  • Access to all online training materials, including over 12 hours of exclusive video content (see below for the full contents of the course). 

  • Printed training manuals and reference laminates. 

  • Certificate of competency (on submission and acceptance of required case studies). 

  • Digital templates you can download from the web, brand and use with your own clients. 

  • Information & advice on suitable microscopy systems. 

  • Access to our Private Facebook Group for current & past students, to share advice and ask questions. 

  • Ongoing email support from your course tutor. 

Who is this training for?  
  • This course is open to anyone who has studied a medical or complementary/alternative health modality.

  • We also accept those that are currently studying these subjects but have not completed their course yet. Studying LDBA alongside other courses is actually a great way of doing it.

  • Due to the technical nature of the subject matter being taught, students must be proficient in the use of the English language. 

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* Send us a copy of your microscope purchase receipt from Brunel Microscopes within 30 days of your enrolment onto our Online Live & Dry Blood Analysis Training Course or before 30 days after the start date of our Intensive 4 Day Live & Dry Blood Analysis Course that you attend, and we will refund £200 from your Paypal course fees invoice.

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Shirah Mustardé BA Hons DipNN
Shirah Mustardé BA Hons DipNN
Course Director

About your tutor

Shirah is a Live & Dry Blood Analyst and Naturopathic Nutritionist and has run her own busy clinic, Vitalise Nutrition, since 2007.

After several years of clinical experience as a Nutritionist, Shirah qualified in Live & Dry Blood Analysis in 2011 and has been teaching the subject for many years. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with the students, helping others to develop their own LDBA careers. 

Shirah formed the Naturecure Academy with her husband Paul in 2017.

What's included?

30 Videos
12 Texts
5 PDFs

Course Curriculum

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